A Month of Milestones
10 years
Let's Celebrate!
In 10 short years, my Wellness Practice has hit yet another huge milestone that I'm absolutely thrilled about – 75,000 followers and 3,000+ customers from around the globe. Words aren’t enough to express my sincerest gratitude as this work has allowed me so many wonderful encounters with spirit.
 What was initially an idea of offering my abilities to a few friends, has translated to a small business with services being utilized in more than 200 countries which I have expanded to supporting 25+ Currencies.
I can’t thank my customers enough for engaging across all platforms, helping me shape my product philosophy.

virtual sessions
30 Minutes / $99
Energy Reading
30 Minutes / $99
Love / Relationship 
30 Minutes / $99
Career / Finance
30 Minutes / $99
and more...
Intuitive Wellness Support Circle
40 Minutes / $165
60 Minutes / $260
Meditation Releasing Karmic Patterns
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